Encore Performance of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

by William Shakespeare

Presented by: The Marco Island Shakespeare Festival

“Cowards die many times before their deaths—the valiant never taste of death but once.”

A modern adaptation of the best-known assassination in human history, Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar dismantles a hierarchy of alleged loyalty manipulated by greed, power, and legacy. As Brutus struggles with his own inner traitors, a throng of conspirators convinces him to overthrow a friend for the sake of a vision—a sacrifice with a motive so pure that he, too, must be willing to die for it.

Marco Island students aged 14 to 17 breathe life into one of Shakespeare’s most iconic works. As a masterfully scripted tale of humanity’s abuses to and corruption of power, the student-actors reveal the brutality of ancient Roman politics and its effect on society, while drawing parallels to political tensions and power struggles still prevalent throughout the modern world. Exploring the impact of humanity on the ideological structure of democracy through the intricate relationship between Brutus and Caesar, the student-actors and their audience have a rare opportunity to rediscover the renowned play through this very special collaborative performance.

About The Marco Island Shakespeare Festival

The Marco Island Shakespeare Festival is a community effort to better understand and appreciate Shakespeare’s timeless texts, which so wonderfully reveal the human condition. The Festival offers interdisciplinary collaboration with the English and History curricula of the Marco Island Academy High School. After reading the play in the classroom, students have the opportunity to participate in the full production through a variety of roles, both on and off the stage. The Marco Island Shakespeare Festival also offers community readings throughout Marco Island and Naples. (Read More)


Kaitlynn McRae’s Bio:

Kaitlynn McRae the Marco Island Shakespear FestivalKaitlynn McRae holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Southern California, where she studied theatre performance and education, as well as music law. Prior to attending USC, Ms. McRae studied acting at New York University’s Tisch School of Theatre. In 2006, Ms. McRae performed at New York City’s Lincoln Center as Lady Macbeth, and starred in the Naples Shakespeare Festival’s inaugural production of The Taming of the Shrew in 2007. The native Floridian also led the drama department at Lely High School, and established an extracurricular drama program at East Naples Middle School.

Ms. McRae spent many years living and working in Los Angeles, during which time she served as an assistant to Hollywood agent, Craig Wyckoff, and established herself as a legal consultant to production companies, recording artists, artist managers, and composers. Upon returning to southwest Florida in May 2012, Ms. McRae joined the Marco Island Shakespeare Festival’s Board of Directors, where she also serves as Director of Operations.